She grew up as a farm girl in the countryside of little Norway and she has been seen as a hard-working woman all her life. She was a very active child and began her journey of physical training already when she was 5 years old. She danced in the theater and did different types of summer and winter sports over the years.

But even though she was active, she was also very sick, and had a life with a lot of illness and pain in her stomach, and big digestive problems. She gained a lot of weight, and in 2012 she became overweight. She had been a lot in the hospitals over the years and in 2013 she was diagnosed with crohn's disease and reflux. The doctors wanted to operate her but a lot off consequences considered to the operation would follow.

This was unacceptable to Anne-Cathrine and she understood that she had to change her lifestyle. She started experimenting on herself with food and eventually found the right diet. This was the only way to recover and get healthy life without pain. She went from being a girl with no knowledge about food and cooking, to became one of the best fitness athletes.

“Even you have read a lot about food and how they affect your body, you will never know or remember their actually effect on the body before you have tried it out. I believed in the nature, and it changed my life forever”, she says.

After a year with the right kind of diet, she was free from all medical medications and she could cancel the operation. Now she lives a life without pain and medications.
She fell in love with the nature's impact on the human body and started studying the nutrition, training, and biochemistry.

Already in 2013, the same year she recovered, she competed for the first time in fitness and started helping others reach their goals. In 2015 she became a Norwegian Fitness Champion and continued with international fitness competitions. She is the only Norwegian athlete who has taken three top trophies as a Diva Fitness Model in the WBFF, Worlds Beauty Fitness and Fashion contest. They called her “The Fitness Goddess” in the Norwegian Fitness Magazine and she did several magazine covers in different countries. She shot for Iron Man Magazine, The Nordic Fitness Magazine and her motivation fitness videos have reached over hundreds of thousands views on YouTube.

Although she spent 4 years at business school, her interest in the human body was so huge that she also took an education in muscle anatomy, nutrition, training and coaching at the university of Oslo. She worked as a one to one trainer in the gym, and as an online coach with clients in all categories from all over the globe.

This European Beautiful Fitness Model became a legend when the Norwegian university wrote about her as a role model in the International School book for students. Then she moved to Miami where she continued her fitness career as a trainer and model. She is sponsored by one of the world's largest providers of fitness nutrition supplements BioTechUSA, and she is signed by the London Exclusive Celebrity PR Agency Management Diana Dahlia PR.

Her history about her past is unique, and she can’t stop inspiring other people through her social media to start training, be healthy, reach their goals, get successful and a happier lifestyle.

"The body is the only place you have to live, take good care off it”.

You can read more about Anne-Cathrine as a role model in the international book for Personal Trainers students out given in 2019.

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